Displacing BMW & Audi, Mercedes Benz wants to be the top luxury car maker in the world by 2020

BMW is currently the world’s largest luxury car maker with another German luxury car maker, Audi, trailing BMW  in second place. Mercedes Benz, which was the second largest luxury car maker in the world until recently, was overtaken by Audi a few months ago. With that, Mercedes Benz is now the last of the Teuton trio when it comes to the number of luxury cars sold across the world. That said, Mercedes Benz has no intentions of the status quo being maintained. Instead, the German luxury car giant wants to regain the top spot by 2020.

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA Sedan

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA Sedan used as an illustration

China and the compact luxury car class will be the two areas in which Mercedes Benz will concentrate on in the next few years as the luxury car maker has identified these areas to be its weak spots. China is the world’s largest car market where sales of luxury cars are growing at a rapid clip with more millionaires being created in that country every passing year. Coming to the compact luxury car category, Mercedes Benz has a new MFA platform that will spawn no less than four new compact luxury car models by the end of 2014.

The MFA based luxury cars will be sold in countries across the world and will target younger car buyers with a heady mix of affordability and the prestige of Mercedes Benz’s three pointed star. Over the last few years, Mercedes Benz’s image has suffered a bit with the brand now considered as staid. Many younger buyers consider that Mercedes Benz makes cars that suit only older drivers and the car maker is very keen to change this image. The MFA based cars like the A-Class, B-Class, CLA sedan and the LA crossover are all products that will be aimed at the younger buyers,

These cars will also spawn high performance AMG variants that will be priced well in order to reinforce Mercedes Benz’s image as a maker of sporty, high performance cars. Mercedes Benz has also tied up with Renault-Nissan in order to share engines, platforms and production facilities so that the cost of building cars can be brought down. As a car buyer, you can expect many more exciting products from Mercedes Benz in the coming years, products that are not just well priced but that are also youthful in their appearance and performance.

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