Euro-spec 2013 Honda CR-V crossover gets a new diesel engine

Honda’s latest 1.6 liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine has now made its way into the Euro-spec CR-V crossover. The new diesel powered CR-V will be positioned as an entry level model in Honda’s European CR-V range. The 1.6 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine made its first appearance on the European Civic. On the 2013 CR-V, this engine will be in the same state of tune as the Civic. The 1.6 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine outputs a peak power of 120 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 300 Nm. The crossover gets a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard and comes in front wheel drive guise.

2013 Honda CR-V Crossover

Euro-spec 2013 Honda CR-V Crossover

The Euro-spec CR-V’s focus is on fuel economy and to maximize that, Honda’s outfitted the crossover with an idle-stop system. The crossover also gets ECON and Eco-Assist modes to boost fuel economy. Apart from the new engine, the rest of the car remains unchanged. The 2013 Honda CR-V crossover retains its traits as a highly practical crossover with flexible seating to maximize interior volume. The crossover is known for its sedan like ride and handling. Meanwhile, Honda recently launched the 2013 CR-V in the Indian car market.¬†However, the car maker offers only petrol engines in the Indian car market.

The car is available with options of 2 liter and 2.4 liter petrol engines. Honda doesn’t have any plans of launching a turbo diesel engined version of the CR-V in India anytime too soon. The long standing reason given by Honda India for not launching diesel versions of the Civic/CR-V/Accord is that Indian diesel isn’t suitable for the car maker’s diesel engine range. The CR-V that’s sold in India is now assembled through CKD kits. Previously, the CR-V sold in India used to be imported through the CBU route. This is the third generation version of the CR-V that’s sold in India. The CKD assembly means that the CR-V is now more affordable than before. The CR-V is a five seat crossover. However, its pricing means that the CR-V takes on the likes of the Toyota Fortuner and the Ssangyong Rexton.

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