EyePopper of the day: Tata Motors readying up a Nano Sedan?

Make no mistake, the Tata Nano in its current form doesn’t have a usable boot and this has been a major grouse amongst folks looking to buy the Nano. We’ve spotted Tata Motors testing a Nano with an openable hatch lid, which we thought was an elegant solution to the tough-to-access boot that the current Nano features. Today, we just stumbled upon an eye popping rumor that is being carried by HindustanTimes. The folks there, citing unnamed sources claim that Tata Motors is working on a sedan version of the Nano. You must take this rumor with a fistful of salt and we’ll tell you why.

2012 Tata Nano Special Edition Hatchback

2012 Tata Nano Special Edition Small Car

The HindustanTimes report carries the following quote, citing a vendor source,

They (Tata) also hinted that there could be a version of the car with a boot as well. All this will surely entail an increase in the price, as Tata does not want it to be seen as a cheap car anymore.

From the above quote, it is evident that the vendor mentions a boot for the Tata Nano. However, the mention of the boot doesn’t specify the Nano getting a new body style anywhere. So, it seems that the boys over at HindustanTimes have let their imagination soar a little too far. Team ICB’s roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion, who is keeping a close watch on developments happening at Pimpri reports that the only boot that the Nano will get is the one that will be integrated into the hatchback design of the Nano. This boot is expected to be a part of the big upgrade that the Nano is expected to get in the coming months.

Curiously, the HindustanTimes report also makes a mention about a 966cc petrol engine being developed for the Nano. The report goes on to claim that the Nano’s chassis will be strengthened to  support the bigger engine. While Tata Motors is working on a upgrade for the Nano with an 800cc triple cylinder petrol engine, the 966cc petrol motor is something that comes as a bolt out of the blue. Given that Tata Motors hasn’t confirmed this bit of buzz, it remains to be seen whether the rumor of the Nano 966cc petrol engine has any basis to it. Meanwhile, the next few months will see Tata Motors launching a CNG-petrol version of the Nano. Amidst all this din about the various new variants of the Nano, the Nano CNG is the only confirmed development.

Source HindustanTimes

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