Facelifted 2013 BMW X1 Crossover could say “Namaste India” on Valentine’s Day


Our friends over at GoaOnWheels seem to have gotten a whiff of BMW India’s big plans for this year’s Valentine’s Day. No, we’re not talking some special edition Beemer with hearts painted all over but rather a very important car launch for the German luxury car maker. The facelifted 2013 BMW X1 crossover, which has been BMW India’s best selling model right from its launch, is expected to bow into India on the 14th of February, 2013. So, BMW India it seems is in the mood of replacing the “Joy of Driving” motto with the “Joy of Love” tagline, if only for a day.

2012 BMW X1 Crossover

Facelifted 2013 BMW X1 Crossover

The 2013 X1 facelift has just been launched in Indonesia and India is expected to be the next emerging market of the world to get the entry level crossover from BMW. Th 2013 BMW X1 sold in India is expected to get a 2 liter-4 cylinder naturally aspirated petrol motor as its entry level variant while the major volumes puller will continue to remain the 2 Liter-4 pot turbo diesel motor. Both engines see a brand new gearbox, in the form of the 8 speeder. So, expect better performance and fuel economy from both these engines. While the 2 Liter petrol motor outputs 150 Bhp-200 Nm, the 2 Liter turbo diesel engine is good for 177 Bhp-380 Nm.

2012 BMW X1 Crossover

Facelifted 2013 BMW X1 Crossover

Another major addition to both the petrol and diesel engines of the 2013 BMW X1 facelift will be that of the start-stop system. The start-stop system along with brake energy regeneration is expected to make the X1 more frugal than ever before. Given that the 2013 X1 is a mid life facelift, BMW has given their best selling crossover a nip and tuck job up front, where the grille and bumper see a once over. Also, the car gets improved interiors. In India, the BMW X1 will compete with the likes of the Audi Q3, the Mercedes Benz B-Class and the Volvo V40 Cross Country.

The facelifted 2013 BMW X1 needs to be competitively priced given that the competition has now increased quite a bit for BMW India with similarly priced luxury cars from its rivals now vying for the car buyer’s attention. BMW India will follow up the launch of the facelifted X1 with two other car models, in the form of the facelifted 2013 7-Series luxury saloon and the entry level 1-Series hatchback. All three cars will be assembled in India, through imported Completely Knocked Down(CKD) kits, at BMW’s assembly unit at Chennai.

Source GoaOnWheels

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