Fiat 500L gets1.6 Liter Multijet II turbo diesel engine with more torque; Next-gen Linea and Jeep Compact SUVs could get this motor

Fiat has just announced that the 500L hatchback will be available with the 1.6 Liter MultiJet II turbo diesel engine in a new state of tune. The 1.6 Multijet motor does duty in a wide range of Fiat cars across the world. The 1.6 Liter Fiat MultiJet II motor gets a bump up in the torque figure even as the peak power of 105 Bhp remains unchanged. With the new state of tune, the engine outputs 320 Nm of peak torque, 30 Nm higher than the 290 Nm output it used to come with previously. The new 1.6 Liter MultiJet II turbo diesel engine will first power the 500L hatchback. In the future, more cars in Fiat’s range will get this very motor.

Fiat 1.6 Liter Multijet II Turbo Diesel Engine

Fiat 1.6 Liter Multijet II Turbo Diesel Engine

The engine is also expected to be mated to fuel efficient technologies like automatic start-stop, brake energy regeneration and a more efficient oil pump. Many of the new cars that’ll get the 1.6 Liter MultiJet 2 turbo diesel engine are relevant to India. The next generation 2014 Linea sedan is one such model. The next generation Linea is slated to be launched in India next year with the current Linea sedan being repositioned to be an entry level C-Segment sedan, a-la-Ford Fiesta Classic. The other products that’ll be powered by the 1.6 Liter Multijet 2 turbo diesel engine are the Jeep B-Segment and C-Segment SUVs.

The Jeep compact SUV range are expected to arrive into India from 2014. While the B-Segment model will begin selling in India during 2014, the C-Segment model is expected to arrive in 2016. These SUVs could be based on one of Fiat’s current car platforms in order to keep development costs low. However, Jeep is particular about the new B-Segment and C-Segment SUV retaining the traditional Jeep DNA of strong off road performance. So, apart from the platform sharing, the entry level Jeep models are expected to be quite unlike Fiat car models. The Jeep compact SUVs will be build at Fiat India’s Ranjangaon plant. ‘

This will allow Fiat to price the new Jeeps competitively while also ensuring that these SUVs come with a high level of localization. The big volume Jeep range of SUVs are expected to be sold through new showrooms while Fiat showrooms will continue selling the Fiat range of cars. Service centers though are expected to be shared by both Fiat and Jeep. Jeep will mark its presence in India later this year by launching the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler SUVs that will be imported into the country through the CBU route.

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