Ford India’s Midnight Sale is back and along with it, attractive discounts

December is usually a slow month for car sales in India with most car buyers preferring to wait for January to buy a car given that they get a new year’s model, which would in turn give them a slightly better resale value as and when they decide to sell their cars. December is also a month when car makers across the market offer attractive discounts to car buyers as inducements to make them loosen their purse strings and drive away in brand new cars. Over the last few years, Ford India has been running a sales campaign called the “Midnight Sale”.

Ford India Midnight Sale Car Discounts

Ford India Midnight Sale Car Discounts

The “Midnight Sale” scheme basically refers to day when Ford lines up attractive discounts on its car range and throws in freebies for folks who buy Ford cars on that particular day. Typically, Ford dealerships across India remain open from 8 AM until midnight, inviting prospective buyers to walk in and book its cars. Ford dealerships also run contests, magic shows and games on their premises to keep the families of prospective buyers entertained. This year, Ford’s “MidNight Sale”, the second such event(The first Midnight Sale of this year was held on the 13th of May, 2012) of its kind will be held on the 5th of December.

While October and November are big months for car makers in India with the festive season of Dusshera-Diwali leading to a boost in car sales, this year has been a muted one due to the slow economy. So, Ford will be hoping that events like the “Midnight Sale” will boost sales. Currently, Ford sells four cars in India. Ford’s Indian range begins with the Figo hatchback, which is available with both petrol and turbo diesel engine options. The Figo is Ford’s India’s best selling cars and the car has just gotten itself a mid career facelift.

The next big selling car in Ford India’s range is the Classic sedan, which is essentially the re-badged and de-contented version of the previous generation Fiesta sedan. Ford does also have an excellent product that sits above the Classic, in the form of the all new Fiesta. Though a well rounded car, the all new Fiesta is an abysmal seller. Both the Classic and the all new Fiesta sedans come with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. The top of the Ford portfolio in India is occupied by the Endeavour SUV. The Endeavour is an old school SUV that comes with a body-on-ladder frame and is available with a choice of two turbo diesel engines, a 2.5 Liter unit and a 3 Liter unit. Known for its imposing road presence, the Endeavour is a rugged 7 seat SUV that  is based on the Ranger pick up platform.

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