Ford Mustang launch possible in India for 2015

Ford India might launch the 2014 Mustang pony car here next year. The launch of the Mustang in India might coincide with Ford outfitting the car with a right hand drive system. As of now, the Mustang is available only with a left hand drive layout, making it unsuitable for markets like India, the United Kingdom and many parts of South Eastern Asia where a right hand steering layout is standard. Thereby, adding RHD to the Mustang will open new markets for the car.


The all new Mustang GT

Considering the Indian market, Ford will not be aiming for big sales here since the Mustang is a very niche car that most Indian car buyers simply can’t afford to buy or run. Instead, the car will serve as a flagship model, showcasing Ford’s car building capabilities. We expect the Mustang to be imported into India straight from the United States. Such importing will make the car very expensive as the Indian government charges high import duty on cars that are fully imported.


The top-of-the-line GT has a 5.0-litre V8

Expect prices of the Mustang sold in India to be more than double of the car’s prices in the United States. Presently, the 5th generation version of the Mustang starts at about 24,000 US Dollars in America and goes up to 61,000 US Dollars for the Shelby GT500 Convertible version of the car. In India, the V8 engined variants of the latest, 6th generation Mustang may be priced at around 90 lakh rupees. The model is yet to go on sale in the US market and prices could go up by a small margin.


The cars can be checked out thoroughly at the Detroit motor show.

The 2014 version of the Mustang is the 6th generation model of the pony car. The car is available with 3 engine and 2 gearbox options. Power and torque outputs vary between 300 Bhp-366 Nm to 420 Bhp-530 Nm. Many improvements have been made to the new version of the Mustang. Improvements range from new front and rear suspension, better quality interiors and a new design. So tell us, will you buy a Mustang if Ford starts selling the car in India?

Source: ET

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