Future BMW X7 Crossover rumors surface

Bigger and more luxurious crossovers are being built by luxury cars brands left right and center. In such a scenario, how can BMW, the top luxury car maker in the world be far behind? Or so is the logic that is portending a BMW X7 Crossover that could sit at the very top of the BMW Sports Activity Vehicle(SAV) vehicle line up. The BMW X7 is said to be a no-expense saved crossover that could seat seven adults and give competition to the new range of luxury crossovers that a slew of brands will build in the coming years. For now though, take this bit of buzz with a fistful of salt.

Speculative render of the BMW X7 Crossover

Speculative render of the BMW X7 Crossover

The talk of the BMW X7 however, is with some basis. All three German luxury car makers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz have been competing in almost every segment. Recently, Audi announced plans of building the Q8 crossover, which ill sit above the current flagship, the Q7. So, if Audi could do yet another top-of-the-line luxury crossover to expand its line up, why not BMW and Mercedes Benz. Currently, the X5 is BMW’s flagship product when it comes to SUVs while Mercedes Benz is putting the final touches on the updated GL-Class to be launched later this year.

So, with this scene in mind, a BMW X7 for the future seems all the more likely. If indeed BMW does build such a crossover, it would be interesting to see which route the German automaker would take: Whether it would go with the full blown SUV route like the X5 or whether it would go into a sports crossover route like the X6 crossover. Either ways, expect the X7 crossover, if it is ever built that is, to retain all the trappings of the legendary sporty performance that BMW is renowned for. For now, the breed of high end crossovers only seems to be growing each passing day.

We have Bentley lining up the EXP 9F crossover concept which will mutate to become a production reality in the coming years. So will the Lamborghini Urus, which has the year 2017 as the time when it will see production. Lamborghini hopes that its volumes will double with the Urus, highlighting how important crossovers will even to brands, which have been building out and out high performance, low slung sportscars.

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