General Motors to name their MPV Enjoy, and price it at under INR 6 lakhs?


The Wuling CN100 MPV, a.k.a the Chevrolet CN100 MPV in many markets that General Motors markets this MPV in will be known as the Chevrolet Enjoy MPV for the Indian MPV market. We just did a story on how 2012 promises to be the year of the Indian MPV, which also featured the Chevrolet CN100 and you can read that story right here. Coming to the Chevrolet Enjoy MPV, this MPV has been a bestseller for Chinese MPV brand Wuling and General Motors would hope that it would be a success in India as well. Today, a rash of new details are emerging about the Chevrolet Enjoy MPV, stuff that could shake up the segment.

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling CN100 MPV

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling Enjoy MPV

The word emerging is that Enjoy MPV will not just get a diesel motor but also a petrol motor. The petrol engine is touted to be a 1.4 liter unit good for 94 Bhp while the diesel engine is what we may liken to our national engine. The engine that will be used in the Enjoy will be the 1.3 liter Multijet diesel motor bearing the GM markings as this engine was developed jointly by Fiat and General Motors. Two more General Motors cars that are yet to be launched will feature the same engine. The cars we’re talking about are the Chevrolet Sail hatchback and sedan.

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling CN100 MPV

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling Enjoy MPV

A downsized variant of this very engine does duty in another Chevrolet car in India, the Beat diesel. Another big surprise is that the Chevrolet Enjoy MPV could be priced under INR 6 lakh. At that price, the Enjoy will undercut not just the Innova and the Xylo but also the soon-to-be-launched Ertiga MPV. At those prices, the Enjoy could turn out to be a big seller in India as well, continuing to build upon the success this MPV has seen in emerging markets around the world. The middle of 2012 is when this MPV is expected to be launched in India.

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling CN100 MPV

2012 Chevrolet-Wuling Enjoy MPV

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1 Comment

  1. boyenigma_ngp

    January 24, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Even if chevy wants they cant price this vehicle in that price range. Simply telling, if mahindra and tata can’t bring a new MPV in that price range with all the resources and better hold on indian suppliers, GM can never almost never do it. Leader in the segment is going to be suzuki Ertiga with lowest price tag and no one else.

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