Here’s the tastefully done up Brabus tuned Mercedes Benz A200CDI diesel powered sports hatchback

German car tuning company Brabus has just done up the diesel variant of the Mercedes Benz A-Class sports hatchback. The Brabus tuned A200 CDI model gets a performance boost along with a slew of cosmetic upgrades. The car joins the other A-Class variant that has also been tuned by Brabus, yes we’re talking about the turbo petrol engined A-Class model, which gets more power and torque than the diesel powered model. Meanwhile here are all the details of the Brabus tuned Mercedes Benz A200CDI sports hatchback.

Brabus tuned 2013 Mercedes Benz A200CDI Sports Hatchback

Brabus tuned 2013 Mercedes Benz A200CDI Sports Hatchback Front

* The car’s 1.8 liter-4 cylinder turbo diesel engine gets a remap for a power and torque boost.

* Power goes up from 136 Bhp to 165 Bhp while torque is boosted from 250 Nm to 350 Nm.

* The car gets new front and rear bumpers that look sportier than the stock parts they replace.

* The front grille’s horizontal slats gets chrome tipping.

* The car also gets new alloy wheels that fill out the wheel wells quite spectacularly.

* A grey paint job rounds off the list of the cosmetic changes on the Brabus tuned A200CDI.

* The Brabus tuned A200CDI retains its front wheel drive layout.

* Brabus offers a range of other cosmetic additions to the exterior and interior of the car that can be specified as additional options.

Folks wanting more power from the A200CDI’s 1.8 Liter turbo diesel engine have the option of approaching the various tuning houses across the world who offer remaps for diesel engines. Remaps are becoming the most effective option of bumping up power and torque outputs of the modern day common rail turbo diesel engines.

Meanwhile, the A-Class has an official performance variant from Mercedes Benz in the form of the A45 AMG. The A45 AMG version of this hatchback gets all wheel drive treatment while the power and torque figures of the 2 liter turbo petrol engine are bumped up to 360 Bhp-450 Nm. The A45 AMG will go on sale in select global markets later this year.

The A-Class hatchback will arrive into India with turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines in the middle of 2013. The car will be Mercedes Benz’s least priced offering in India and will be assembled through CKD kits at the German luxury car maker’s assembly unit at Chakan.

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