Hindustan Motors reveals tech specs of Ambassador Encore BS4 Diesel

Hindustan Motors finally launched the BS4 version of the Ambassador Diesel after a long 3 year wait that almost saw the car being forgotten in BS4 cities. No, we’re not suggesting that the Ambassador BS4 Diesel will set the sales charts afire but it’ll at least be a option for those who still can’t get over the relic of the Raj. When the Calcutta based car maker launched the BS4 Ambassador Diesel, it only announced the price, leaving us in the dark about tech specs of the car. Now, the tech specs have been released and nothing much has changed really.

Encore brochure

Encore brochure

The car’s 1.5 liter overhead valve engine gets a turbo charger and inter cooler. With these new contraptions on board, the engine breathes better and is hence capable of meeting BS4 emission norms. And it took HM 3 years to plonk in a turbo and intercooler to the ancient 1.5 liter OHV block. Well, that’s how HM works anyway and glacial pace would be the apt word to describe how frantic the company can be when push comes to shove. Along with getting BS4 certification, Ambassador Diesel gets more power and torque, 50 Bhp and 112.5 Nm, a big leap from the 36 Bhp and 73 Nm output of the non turbo 1.5 liter OHV diesel.

Hindustan Motors has also added a parking brake to the BS4 Ambassador Diesel, which makes us wonder whether BS3 Ambassador buyers used to park their cars in gear to stop it rolling away. The BS4 Diesel version of the Ambassador still lacks modernity like say a common rail injection system that could have made the engine more peppier and fuel efficient. With such specifications, the Ambassador BS4 Diesel will be bought mainly by cab operators who want a cheap and spacious cab that can take the rough Indian roads in its stride and that can be serviced by friendly neighborhood mechanics.

Image Source: Team-bhp

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