All new HM Ambassador at 2012 Auto Expo?

Next Gen Retro Ambassador Render

Next Gen Retro Ambassador Render

We have been speculating about an all new Ambassador for quite a while. The HM Amby is due for a much needed makeover so as to compete with the SX4s and Indigos of the world. HM might go for a retro look for the new Ambassador to make it stand out among the likes of modern mid-sized sedans. One thing that HM will want to retain is the roomy and comfortable cabin of the Amby.

According to Sakal (a local newspaper in Pune) the new revamped Ambassador might break cover in December 2011. This seems unlikely as launching the car during the 2012 Auto Expo in January would make a lot of sense. So we think Hindustan Motors might go with a 2012 Auto Expo launch for the new Ambassador.

Apart from the retro makeover, we expect HM to to bring in modern petrol and common rail diesel engines into the Ambassador to replace the aging and out of date ISUZU powerplants which the Amby currently comes with. If this does happen, then the good-old Amby might would definitely be resurrected in the minds of the public and open up an all new segment in the mid-size saloon market.

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