Honda Brio small car turns out a strong performance by bagging 5,000 bookings!


Honda will boost production of both the Brio and the recently repositioned Jazz Hatchbacks in the coming days. The reason for this production boost is the fact that both the recently launched Brio Hatchback and the repositioned Jazz Hatchback are showing stiff demand from car buyers despite not having diesel engined options. The Honda Brio is Honda’s latest product yet for the Indian market and is one that Honda is betting big on. Going from the initial bookings that the Brio has managed to garner, Honda’s bet might be a sound one.

Honda Brio

Honda Brio

The Honda Brio has managed to clock over 5,000 bookings within a month of its launch indicating strong demand for this Honda product, which has been specially developed for emerging markets like India. The Brio Hatchback offers the typical Honda quality and reliability in a package that is quite affordably priced. With the Brio, Honda has targeted the youth of India to choose the Brio as their first car. In fact, the Brio is likened to the first generation Maruti Zen in many automotive circles for its hot hatch demeanor.

The Brio’s brisk sales has meant that Honda dealers are already having to tell prospective Brio customers to wait for three months for delivery of their Brios after booking. Therefore, Honda is planning to boost production in order to keep waiting periods low. The Brio features a 1.2 Liter i-VTEC engine produig 88 Bhp of peak power and 109 Nm of peak torque, good handling along with high quality interiors. The Honda Jazz too is seeing increasing offtake due to the price repositioning by Honda on account of what Honda would have us to believe, increased localization levels.

Honda Jazz Facelift

Honda Jazz Facelift

Demand for the Honda Jazz has been quite strong as the price cut has made the once overpriced Jazz good value for money considering the great space and quality on offer. So, it isn’t uncommon for the Jazz to command waiting periods of over four months leading Honda to boost production in the Jazz’s case as well. Honda has got two products right in the last couple of months. Next up is the facelifted Honda City which will bow in shortly. It will be interesting to see what the facelift does to the Honda City’s sales.

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