Honda’s Jazz based compact SUV could make its global debut in China during 2014


Honda’s next generation Jazz platform will spawn three cars: the Jazz hatchback, the City sedan and the Jazz based compact SUV. Of these, the 2014 Jazz hatchback and the 2014 Jazz based compact SUV are slated to hit the Chinese market in 2014. The Jazz based compact SUV’s global debut could happen in the Chinese domestic market through an official unveiling, after which the SUV is expected to launched across the world. The Honda compact SUV is expected to take on the likes of the Ford EcoSport and the Renault Duster in car markets across the world.

2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept

2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept

Given that the compact SUV segment in the Indian car market is thriving, expect the Jazz based compact SUV to eventually land in India as well. While the Chinese domestic model(CDM) of the Jazz based SUV will be sold only in petrol guise, the India-spec model could use the 1.5 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine that the Japanese car maker has developed mainly for the Indian car market, a market that simply loves its diesels. The Honda Urban SUV concept that was showcased at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year will be the direction the Jazz based compact SUV will take.

2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept

2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda will make a big announcement at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. The announcement is expected to center around the Japanese car maker’s drive into a higher technological orbit for its petrol engines. Honda has been lagging behind global car makers when it comes to equipping its petrol powered cars with fuel conserving and power boosting technologies like direct injection and turbocharging. While Honda is readying up a new range of small capacity turbo petrol engines for use in its future car models, the Shanghai Motor Show is expected to be the venue where more details about Honda’s plans could be revealed.

With Honda planning to revamp its Chinese line up’s petrol engines with a new line up of turbo petrol engines with direct injection, it is highly likely that the next generation Jazz platform will play host to these engines. India too could get these engines in due course of time as the entire line up of cars based on the next generation 2014 Jazz platform are expected to be launched in India in the coming years. 2014 will see the launch of the new City sedan and Jazz hatchback in India. Both cars are expected to be equipped with petrol and turbo diesel engine options.

Sources: ChinaDaily and Bloomberg

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