Hyundai Eon Small Car’s first few images surface!

Hyundai Eon Small Car 1 Hyundai Eon Small Cars first few images surface!

Hyundai Eon Small Car

Here are a few images of the much awaited Hyundai Eon Small Car courtesy AutoCarIndia. From the images, it is quite evident that the Hyundai Eon Small Car is heavily inspired by the Fluidic design philosophy that runs through all new Hyundai cars’ design. The Hyundai Eon, at least from the angles we’re seeing doesn’t seem to be a mirror cracker when it comes to ravishing good looks.

That said, the car  which does bring along an air of freshness signals does manage to look quite contemporary from the front, befitting a small car designed in 2010. The Hyundai Eon will be powered by a 800cc, three cylinder petrol engine which will output around 50 Bhp. Now that figure makes the Hyundai Eon a tad more powerful than the entry level Maruti Alto at which it is being pitched at by Hyundai India.

Hyundai Eon Small Car 2 Hyundai Eon Small Cars first few images surface!

Hyundai Eon Small Car

With that much power and a 800cc displacement, which is quite similar to the engine layout of the Alto F8D, expect the Hyundai Eon to also deliver an ARAI mileage figure in the whereabouts of 18 KMPL. The Hyundai Eon will now become the entry level Hyundai, displacing the Hyundai Santro Xing from its perch. Signaling the built-to-a-price underpinnings of this car, the Hyundai Eon’s Magna variant is seen with black, non body colored mirrors while the door pulls also are non body colored.

The Hyundai Eon side profile isn’t anything to wrote home about with plenty of bulbousness to boot while the rear end looks fine. While it could be the angle of the photos we’re seeing, the design somehow literally doesn’t have the flowing nature that the “Fluidic” Hyundai cars come with. Any which ways, design isn’t really what an entry level small car buyer really bothers about with the proof of the pudding being the atrocious looking  first gen Hyundai Santro(Atos).

Hyundai Eon Small Car 3 Hyundai Eon Small Cars first few images surface!

Hyundai Eon Small Car

This is where the Hyundai Eon can be expected to score a few brownie points, of being a solidly engineered car that will last a long time while being easy to service across India. This point is especially crucial for Hyundai India as the South Korean automaker has signaled its ambitions of taking on the best selling Maruti Alto, which happens to be India’s highest selling car. Hyundai India for its part has embarked upon an aggressive dealership expansion program in India’s hinterland.

Standalone dealerships selling only Hyundai’s entry level cars like the Eon and the Santro Xing are a part of Hyundai India’s strategy of taking on Maruti Suzuki, which enjoys a very good presence even in smaller towns of India. Expect the Hyundai Eon small car to be launched bang in the middle of the Indian festive season during October at well under 3 Lakh rupees for the base variant.

Via AutocarIndia

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