Hyundai Eon to get 1 liter petrol engine in 2014

Hyundai has trained its guns on the Maruti Alto, the best selling car in India. The Alto 800 and K10 models manage to sell about 20,000 monthly units, more than double of the Eon’s 8-10 thousand monthly units. While the Alto is available with two petrol engines, 800cc and 1 liter units, the Eon is available only with a single 800cc petrol engine. To attract Alto K10 buyers, Hyundai plans to outfit a 1 liter petrol engine into the Eon’s engine bay. The 1 liter petrol engine will be borrowed from the Hyundai Santro Xing.

2012 Hyundai Eon

2012 Hyundai Eon

The Santro Xing’s 1 liter petrol engine is a reliable motor that has been around for many years. With this four cylinder engine in the Eon, Hyundai hopes to boost sales of its entry level car. The bigger engine is a good option for people who find the current 814 cc Eon under powered for highway use. The Santro Xing is also available with an LPG option. So, we’re not sure whether Hyundai would launch the Eon 1.0 with an LPG fuel option as well. As petrol prices are constantly increasing, petrol, LPG and CNG engine options are seeing bigger demand in the small car space.

Hyundai has no plans of introducing a diesel engine on the Eon range even though it will bring a 1.1 liter-triple cylinder turbo diesel motor to India on the i10 Grand model. The i10 Grand will be launched in India on 3rd September. The main reason behind Hyundai not outfitting a diesel engine on the Eon has to do with costs. A diesel engine on a small car pushes up the cost of the car to levels that might not make sense for a buyer of this segment. Also, many small car buyers use their cars sparingly, rarely exceeding 600 Kms/month. So, a diesel engine option doesn’t make too much sense for such buyers.

Source: DNA

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