Hyundai HB20 sedan patent drawings leaked: Is this the preview of the India-bound i20 compact sedan

Brazil and India have a lot in common. From the sugarcane that both these countries are famous for to the cars that are driven by people in these countries, both India and Brazil are high growth car markets that most car makers are bullish on. Many cars sold in Brazil are sold in India and vice versa. However, the cars that are sold in these countries are tweaked suitably to match the specific needs of each market. The Hyundai HB20, a hatchback sold in Brazil, is the cousin of the i20 hatchback sold by South Korean car maker Hyundai in India.

The patent drawings show the HB20 sedan to be a miniature Verna like sedan and one that features the Fluidic design philosophy for good measure. Like the Verna(a.k.a. Accent in some markets), the HB20 sedan gets a coupe-like roof line at the rear. With the first patent drawings of the Hyundai HB20 emerging on the interweb, we’re more than a little excited as these images could essentially be the preview of the i20 based compact sedan India is expected to get in the coming years. The Hyundai i20 based compact sedan is expected to replace the Accent executive sedan, a car that is long in the tooth.

The Hyundai i20 based compact sedan is expected to closely mirror the Brazilian HB20 sedan in terms of design and dimensions. While Brazil gets petrol engines that are capable of running on a mix of ethanol-petrol, a fuel that’s popular in that part of the world, the i20 based compant sedan in India could get regular petrol and turbo diesel engines. With the Brazil spec Hyundai HB sedan being readied up for a launch this year, expect the i20 based compact sedan to arrive into India sometime later next year.

With the competition in the compact sedan space growing at a frenetic pace due to the sales potential this segment offers, Hyundai India wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. All said, we’re yet to hear official word from Hyundai. So, until that happens, the whole idea of a sedan based on the i20 being launched in India remains in the realm of speculation.

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