Hyundai launches i10 Sport in Germany

Hyundai i10 Sport

Hyundai i10 Sport Front

Hyundai has launched a sporty i10 hatchback in Germany. Called the i10 Sport, the new hatchback doesn’t have any engine changes to actually make it go faster. Instead Hyundai has made the i10 Sport look sporty by giving it a makeover. If looks is all you need, the i10 Sport does a very nice job.

Hyundai i10 Sport

Hyundai i10 Sport Side View

Hyundai has lowered the suspension of the i10 Sport to make the car sit lower. Add to this 17 inch alloy wheels and you have a hatchback that looks very sporty.  We’re not sure if these changes do anything to improve the handling of the car although 17 inch wheels are expected to stiffen the ride.

Hyundai i10 Sport

Hyundai i10 Sport

Hyundai has also added a body kit and decals to the car and these changes make the i10 Sport look very attractive and sporty. The sporty theme of the i10 Sport carries on to the interiors too. Red and black finish for the dashboard and door inserts are offered and the seats also get red and black fabric. No new features have been added and the changes are limited to the new colours.

The car’s engine remains unchanged. A 1.2 liter petrol engine powered the i10 Sport and this engine comes with a rated power output of 87 PS. The engine is available with a 5 speed manual gearbox. The claimed timing for the 0-100 kph acceleration run is 12.3 seconds and top speed is 175 kph. Hyundai has also ensured that fuel efficiency does not suffer. The i10 Sport manages more than 20 kmpl on petrol. The i1o Sport is priced at 13,999.

Hyundai wants to capture the attention of young car buyers in Germany with these changes. The i1o Sport is sold in Germany as competition to the Volkswagen Up!. The car offers a bigger engine than the Up! and also better performance. The i10 is larger than the Up! but the prices of both the cars are similar making the Hyundai better value for money.

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