ICB Exclusive: 2011 Tata Nano Diesel to deliver a phenomenal 40 KMPL

2011 Tata Nano Diesel

2011 Tata Nano Diesel

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, here are a bunch of revelations that will probably knock the winds of most folks’ socks. All the while, we’ve been hoping for a nice little CRDI diesel engine on the Nano that could really change the game for the little car given the fact that the dinosaur remains continue to climb towards the stratosphere. Bad news first: That won’t exactly happen! The Tata Nano Diesel will not come in CRDI guise. Instead the tried and tested Tata ACE’s engine, albeit in three cylinder form will power the Tata Nano. Obviously this seems like a big downgrade for all those who’ve been expecting a torquey and fuel efficient CRDI Diesel engine on the Nano. But, wait for this.

According to reliable sources, the Nano’s direct injection turbodiesel engine will deliver a fuel efficiency close 40 KMPL. And remember, diesel still continues to be subsidized in India and has a major price advantage when compared to petrol. So, the Nano Diesel delivering 40 KMPL can just be the next big thing, not just in India, but the whole wide world as the running a Nano would cost just 1 rupee a kilometer.

Edit(February 1st, 2011): The Tata Nano will get the CRDI Diesel engine which will deliver close to 40 KMPL as scheduled by the end of 2011. The other direct injected turbo diesel engine is currently being tested by Tata Motors and might be launched as a lower priced variant.

With this move, folks riding 100cc economuters might just find it much more viable driving around on four wheels, on the Nano Diesel. And this maneuver from Tata Motors’ side might just be the biggest trump cards in store for them to realize Ratan Tata’s dream of making the Tata Nano the Volkswagen Beetle of India.

Just as the Tata Nano was launched two summers ago, one section of India was overjoyed at the prospect of owning the low priced automotive engineering marvel. Others however, were quick to point out the massive repercussions that the Nano’s launch and success would have on air pollution and increasing vehicular density. A few even predicted roads choked with Nanos which obviously hasn’t happened.

In a further reaffirmation to the Nano’s green credentials of being a car that emits very low tailpipe emissions that currently rivals that of  two wheelers, Tata Motors has further managed to stave off some more grams of CO2 that the Nano emits to two digit figures. So, the Tata Nano will emit under 100 Grams of CO2 which is nothing short of phenomenal. If nothing, this should shut all the environmentalists up, who once were heard blaming the Nano for air pollution.

Coming to the CVT and the Hybrid variants of the Tata Nano, the CVT version of the Nano might see a launch in under a month of the Tata Nano Diesel’s launch, which is scheduled for late 2011. The Nano Hybrid however, will take a few more months for a commercial launch and thus, a 2012 launch for the Nano Hybrid is a safe bet.

All in all, Tata Nano sales have rebounded very sharply, from an abysmal 500 units in November to over 5000 units in December. If Tata Motors indeed manages to launch the Nano Diesel at the phenomenal fuel efficiency it claims to have achieved, we could see a lot of two wheeler riders jumping on to the Nano bandwagon and then perhaps, the environmentalists will find one more reason to cry wolf.

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