ICB Exclusive: Datsun plans low cost MPV for India in 2015

EarthFusion scoops interesting information about Datsun’s plans for India. On 15th July, Japanese car maker Nissan’s low cost brand Datsun will reveal a low cost hatchback for India. Called the K2 (priced between 3-4 lakhs), the low cost Datsun hatchback will be showcased at the Indian Auto Expo that will happen in January 2014. Nissan also has plans of expanding the Datsun brand with more cars in the coming years. Two such products are the i2 hatchback, positioned below the K2 in the 2-3 lakh rupee segment, and the B-MPV.

Datsun Grille and Headlamp Teaser

Datsun Grille and Headlamp Teaser

Information sourced from suppliers indicates that the B-MPV from Datsun has conservative sales numbers for starters. Datsun hopes to sell about 18,000 units of the low cost B-MPV in India. That’s just 1,500 units a month, reflecting the brand’s conservative estimates for the MPV market. The B-MPV will be the first Datsun car in India to have both petrol and diesel engine options. The 1.2 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine and the 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel engine will be the two options on the Datsun cars. That said, the K2 and i2 low cost hatchbacks will be petrol-only models.

Pricing and other details of the Datsun B-MPV are not known at this moment. Datsun cars will be sold and serviced by Nissan’s existing dealership and service center chain. The Nissan dealerships will be modified to have a separate viewing are for Datsun cars. Nissan dealers are faced with slow selling cars and to recoup investments, the dealers and service centers need good volumes. The Datsun range of small cars could deliver just that. All Datsun cars will be positioned below equivalent Nissan cars.

The Datsun low cost cars are to be built at Oragadam, alongside Nissan and Renault cars. These low cost cars will use extensive local sourcing. Apart from India, Datsun cars will be built and sold in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. India is also expected to serve as an export hub for Datsun cars.

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