India bound Jeep B-segment and C-Segment SUVs to feature 1.4 Liter petrol and 1.6 Liter diesel engines

Fiat owned American SUV maker, Jeep, will launch two big volume products in India in the coming years. While the middle of 2014 will see the launch of a B-Segment Jeep SUV, 2015 will see the launch of  C-Segment SUV. Thanks to our friends over at MotorBash, we’re able to bring you the engines that these Jeep SUVs will feature in the Indian car market. Mike Manley, the Chief Operating Officer for Fiat-Chrysler, in his recent visit to India, had stated that the Jeep range of compact SUVs could use existing Fiat platforms.

2013 Jeep Wrangler MOAB Edition

2013 Jeep Wrangler MOAB Edition used as an illustration

The first hint of the Jeep compact SUVs sharing a majority of their parts with Fiat cars lies in the engines that these SUVs will use. The Jeep SUV models will use the 1.4 Liter turbo petrol engine and the 1.6 Liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine. Currently, the Fiat 1.4 Liter petrol engine is available in two forms in India, in naturally aspirate guise and in turbocharged guise. In naturally aspirated form, this 1.4 Liter petrol engine is used in the Fiat Linea, the Grande Punto, the Tata Indica Vista and the Manza. In turbocharged form, the engine is used in the Fiat Linea.

On the Jeep compact SUVs, this engine will be used in turbo petrol form and that’s a good thing given that turbo petrols are the future of petrol engines. The 1.6 Liter Fiat Multijet engine, which p0wers a range of Fiat cars globally, will make an appearance in India next year. The 2014 Fiat Linea will use the 1.6 Liter Fiat Multijet diesel motor. A year later, this engine will be used by Jeep for the B-Segment compact SUV. Although Jeep will share parts and car platforms with Fiat, the American SUV brand will retain the rugged appeal that SUVs under the Jeep brand feature.

Jeep will enter India in the second half of this year with the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee SUVs. Both these SUVs, which will be imported through the CBU route will be brand builders for the Jeep brand. Jeep will use 2014 to expand its dealership presence across India, after which it will launch the B-Segment SUV in India. Fiat India’s Ranjangaon plant, off Pune, will manufacture the Jeep B-Segment and C-Segment SUVs. Expect a high level of localization as Jeep needs to price these SUVs competitively, to ensure success in India.

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