India-bound next generation 2014 Ford Figo could spawn a compact sedan

The current Ford Figo that is sold in India is essentially a European Fiesta hatchback from the nineties, one that has seen some redevelopment to pare down costs and serve as an B+ hatchback in emerging markets like India, Brazil and South Africa. So is the case with the previous generaton Fiesta sedan, now sold as the Classic in India. The next generation Figo, which could be the Value-B project, is slated to debut in Brazil by the end of this year. The 2014 Figo will arrive into India next year, with the car being the first product that’ll be produced at Ford India’s brand new factory at Sanand, Gujarat.

Next generation 2014 Ford Figo Render

A speculative render of the Next generation 2014 Ford Figo hatchback used as an illustration

With the Figo getting a replacement, it is only logical that the Fiesta sedan, now the Classic, should retire given that the sedan is clearly a generation older, both in terms of looks as well as features, when compared to the newer crop of cars. Along with the next generation 2014 Ford Figo, engineers at Ford Brazil are said to working on a sedan variant of the next-gen Figo. This sedan is expected to replace the ageing Fiesta Classic sedan and plug the gap between the next gen Figo and the new Fiesta in Ford’s emerging market line up.

We wonder if the new Figo based sedan could be a compact sedan given that compact sedans are becoming more common place not just in India, but around the world. The Brio Amaze compact sedan has been unveiled in Thailand and will be sold in India from the middle of this year. Given that the Brio hatchback is sold in many emerging markets like Thailand, India, South Africa and Brazil, the Brio Amaze sedan is also expected to follow suit. So, Ford launching a compact sedan based on the next generation Figo could suit many such markets.

The 2014 Figo based sedan is expected to carry over engines from the hatchback given the fact that the next gen Figo is expected to be made available with engine options like the 1 Liter EcoBoost turbo petrol engine and a turbo diesel engine. The Figo based compact sedan is expected to retain many design elements from the hatchback, with the major different of course being the addition of the clearly defined boot to justify its sedan nomenclature. Expect the compact sedan to follow the next gen Figo hatchback after say a year or so.

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