Is this the India bound next generation 2014 Ford Figo hatchback?

The folks at Car&Driver Brazil have some interesting reportage emerging about the all new small car that American car maker Ford is currently developing. C&D Brazil asserts that the new hatchback that Ford is developing will replace both the Ka as well as the Fiesta Rocam(Ford Figo in India) hatchbacks. What this essentially means is, the image you’re seeing just below these sentences could be what the next generation 2014 Ford Figo could look like. That makes it the first ever image of the next gen Ford Figo to have hit the interweb, albeit in render guise and we’ll tell you why we think that this render could be that of the Figo in just a bit.

Next generation 2014 Ford Figo Render

A speculative render of the Next generation 2014 Ford Figo hatchback

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Ford’s machinations surrounding the new hatchback that’ll replace the Figo in India, Brazil and many other export markets. Based on the information that has trickled in through various sources, here are a few moot points we’ve managed to distill.

1. The next generation Figo is currently being developed by Ford Brazil.

2. The next generation Figo will be ready for a launch in Brazil by the end of 2013.

3. Ford has no plans of reviving the Ka badge, which means that the current generation version is the first and the last edition of the hatchback.

Keeping these points in mind, the render that C&D Brazil is carrying might not be the next generation Ford Ka. Rather, it could be the next generation Ford Figo as the timelines for the development and production(end 2013) of the car closely match those of the next-gen Figo. The next-gen Figo could be called the Value-B, a product that Ford plans to position below the Fiesta hatchback, as Ford’s entry level small car. The Value-B is expected to be the car that’ll sell in the likes of India, Brazil and a host of other emerging car markets including China, where Ford is yet to make a major mark.

The Ford Value-B hatchback could get a host of names to suit different markets, just like the current-gen Figo, which is called the Fiesta Rocam/Novo Fiesta in Brazil. Under the hood, expect turbo petrol and turbo diesel power given that turbocharging is the name of the game when it comes to squeezing out maximum performance as well as fuel economy from small capacity engines. The next generation 2014 Ford Figo hatchback will be launched in India during 2014, and will be built at Ford India’s spanking new factory being constructed at Sanand, Gujarat.

Source Car&DriverBrazil

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