Juicy new details and a digital render of the Mahindra W201 World SUV

Mahindra W201 World SUV Concept Render

Mahindra W201 World SUV Concept Render

A while ago, we brought you news about Mahindra all set to get into the luxury SUV space with a brand new world SUV platform, the W201, which incidentally is in the final stages of commercial testing before production will kick off. The folks at VM are carrying a fantastic render which comes very close to how the actual SUV will turn out to be. We know this as one of our source happened to drive the W201 around the Mahindra factory test track at Mahindra City, Chennai.

What we also know is that the engine of the Mahindra W201 will be transversely mounted and will feature an All Wheel Drive as a standard piece of kit. Now, there seem to be rumors rife about the 2.2 Liter CRDE diesel engine that does duty in the Scorpio to make it to the Mahindra W201 too. While this could happen, we strongly feel that a strong contender for the Mahindra W201’s engine bay would be a 5 cylinder diesel engine that the Ssangyong has been using in it’s Rexton SUV.

This engine which is originally a Mercedes Benz design that powered the Mercedes Benz M Class displaces about 2.7 liters and pumps out about 162 Bhp and 342 Nm of max twist . The main reason why Mahindra could bring in this engine to the W201’s engine bay is because Mahindra already has quite some experience with this common rail, 20 valve diesel, which incidentally finds application in the Mahindra AXE project. As the Mahindra AXE is a rugged all terrain vehicle designed for the Indian Army, the 2.7 liter 5 cylinder common rail diesel engine would also have been extensively tested under the most rigorous and trying conditions.

This makes the engine a bullet proof option for Mahindra to induct into the W201, especially considering it’s American operations. The 2.2 Liter CRDe pales in comparision with the tried and tested 2.7 Liter Inline 5 diesel, both in terms of power output and capacity, both of which are of extreme significance in the W201 SUV that is expected to weigh in significantly higher than the current flagship Scorpio. Moving on, the Mahindra W201 will be a seen seater with a 2+3+2 seating layout. Our sources tell us that the interior room was way more than the current crop of premium SUVs and this includes the Toyota Fortuner.

The quality of the interiors too is said to be of a much higher quality, especially in terms of touch and feel. This is pretty much about what we hae managed to gather about the Mahindra W201 SUV concept. Meanwhile, the Mahindra SUV will be priced anywhere between INR 14-16 Lakh and will be positioned as an alternate to the Toyota Fortuner, Honda CR-V and the Chevrolet Captiva.

Going by the initial impressions, quality, interiors and size, we feel that Mahindra is all set to give the biggies a huge run for their money come early 2011, which is when the W201 SUV will see an Indian launch.

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