Launched: 2013 Mahindra Verito Executive Edition Sedan at a price of INR 7.75 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi

Mahindra &Mahindra’s first launch of the year in the passenger car space is the 2013 Verito Executive Edition sedan. The car was unveiled earlier today and is a top end variant of the Verito. The Verito Executive Edition sedan features leather upholstery and satellite navigation as the major additions. The car is priced at INR 7.75 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. Mahindra says that the Executive Edition of the Verito sedan is aimed at businessman, professionals and corporate executives. A move to make the Verito stand out from the numerous Renault Logan/Mahindra Verito taxi cabs that ply the bigger cities of India? We think so, and there could be another reason too.

2013 Mahindra Verito Executive Edition Sedan

2013 Mahindra Verito Executive Edition Sedan

The other reason for the Executive Edition of the Verito could of course have to do with the upcoming Verito CS, a car that will be priced much lower than the regular sedan version of the Verito. By launching the Executive Edition of the Verito and moving up the value chain, Mahindra will be hoping to clearly demarcate the upcoming Verito CS with the regular sedan variant. Meanwhile, here’s a round up on everything that’s new on the 2013 Verito Executive Edition,

* Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

* Leather upholstery for the seats

* Leather door inserts

* Alloy Wheels

* Decals on the flanks of the car

* Touch screen navigation panel that doubles up as an infotainment unit

* Bluetooth enabled music system

 The 2013 Mahindra Verito, in Executive Edition guise, is available with both petrol and turbo diesel engine options. The 1.4 Liter-naturally aspirated petrol engine and the 1.5 Liter K9K turbo diesel engine are the two engine options available on the Verito. Of these, the Renault K9K turbo diesel engine equipped Verito is the major volumes puller for Mahindra. The K9K diesel engine, known for its excellent response and high fuel economy is a very strong unit when it comes to reliability.

Outputting 65 Bhp-160 Nm, the engine is known to easily last for over 300,000 Kilometers with nothing more than just scheduled maintenance. This factor made the diesel engined Renault Logan a favourite amongst cabbies and now the Verito has taken over that mantle from the Logan. Also, the wide bodied design of the Verito means that three passengers can sit abreast on the rear seat, another big plus for folks looking for plenty of space. The car also gets a spacious boot.

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