LoCo Skoda Yeti in the works?

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover 1 LoCo Skoda Yeti in the works?

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover

When the Skoda Yeti Crossover was launched in India sometime in, Team ICB carried a piece on what wasn’t right about the smallish crossover, it’s high price. The sales charts have amply demonstrated our concerns with the Yeti managing just 900 units ever since it was launched almost half a year back in November 2010. Now, those figures make for less than 150 units per month, which is much lesser than what the Yeti deserves to sell, for it is an extremely competent car, only let down by some not-so-intelligent pricing.

Skoda India might as well argue that the rich array of features that the Yeti packs in is what has led to the pricing being higher than ideal. Truth be told, Skoda India is actually right. But then again, in a highly price sensitive market such as India where many of the features that the Yeti offers might never find any practical application as the Yeti will be bought by most folks in India as an urban runabout. Nothing more, nothing less.

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover 2 LoCo Skoda Yeti in the works?

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover

Reality, it seems to have dawned upon Skoda India, who now seems to be considering a low cost version of the Skoda Yeti Crossover. The low cost Yeti variant, which is set to debut later this year could come with a smaller diesel engine. While details about which diesel engine Skoda India actually plans to use on the Yeti remains unknown at the moment, we’re guessing that the 1.6 Liter TDI unit producing about 105 Bhp-250 Nm could be what Skoda is thinking about.

Also on the anvil is a new petrol engine. In interests of fuel economy, the 1.2 Liter TSI turbo petrol engine, we think would be a good option for the Yeti as this very engine does duty in the Yetis sold in markets abroad. To cut costs further, Skoda India might dump a bunch of gadgets like hill descent control and four wheel drive that could shave costs by a good couple of lakhs. Price the low cost Yeti about 13-14 Lakhs Ex-showroom and then, we could have a real deal with Yetis flying out of Skoda India showrooms.

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover 3 LoCo Skoda Yeti in the works?

2011 Skoda Yeti Crossover

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