Mahindra Reva’s Chetan Maini confirms E2O electric car launch in India during March 2013

Though the 2013 Union Budget didn’t made any announcement regarding the subsidy expected to be announced for electric cars, Mahindra-Reva’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr Chetan Maini states that the E2O electric car will be launched in March 2013. As the exact picture on the subsidy expected for the E2O remains unclear at this point in time, Mr Maini says that Mahindra-Reva will have to look at its internal strategy for the car with the hope that the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan(NEMMP)  2020 would be implemented at the earliest.

2012 Mahindra Reva NXR Electric Car

2013 Mahindra Reva E2O Electric Car

Now, the implementation of the NEMMP 2020 is expected to bring with it a subsidy for electric vehicles. If it doesn’t, the E2O could be about INR 1 lakh more expensive and that extra money could be the factor between the success or failure of this car in the price sensitive Indian car market. Considering the fact the electric cars make up for a minuscule number of the total cars sold in India, a subsidy doled out by the Indian government is perhaps the only way to popularize these cars that are ideal for short distance urban mobility.

Talking of urban mobility, the Mahindra Reva E2O is aimed primarily at city car buyer who travel less than 100 kilometers a day. The CVT gearbox of the E2O means that there’ll be no gear shifting involved, making the electric car a point-and-shoot option for city slickers who value convenience. The car uses an Lithium-Ion battery powered electric motor for propulsion. On a full charge of the Lithium-Ion battery stack, the E2O is expected to deliver a range of 100 kilometers. The E2O will be capable of a top speed of just over 100 Kph while acceleration is expected to be peppy considering that it is an electric car which produces its peak torque right from word go.

The E2O, which has a seating capacity for four adults, will be positioned above the Reva-i in terms of price. With the subsidy, the E2O was expected to be priced between the 5-6 lakh rupees. With no word on the subsidy yet, it will be interesting to see how Mahindra-Reva manage to achieve this price.

Source TheEconomicTimes

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