Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire fights the fuel efficiency battle to counter the Honda Brio Amaze compact sedan

1,500 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire cars took to the streets in 30 cities of India yesterday, all in a bid to showcase the excellent fuel economy that the Dzire can deliver when driven sedately. While high fuel economy has been one of the biggest factors for Maruti Suzuki’s rise to the top, the car maker is now facing a direct challenge from Honda. Honda, which launched the Brio Amaze compact sedan a few days ago, is directly taking on the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire by aggressively marketing the 25.8 Kmpl fuel economy figure that the diesel variant of the Amaze delivers under controlled conditions. The diesel variant Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, on the other hand, delivers an ARAI 23.4 Kmpl.

Colombia-spec 2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Compact Sedan

2013 Suzuki Swift Dzire Compact Sedan

To counter Honda’s marketing spiel, Maruti Suzuki has begun conducting fuel efficiency marathons in major cities to build buzz about the Swift Dzire’s high fuel efficiency. In a nutshell, Maruti Suzuki’s reaction to the Honda Brio Amaze’s fuel efficiency claims only reaffirms the high importance that fuel economy plays when it comes to attracting a car buyer to sign on the dotted lines. Already, the Honda Amaze has managed to lap up well over 10,000 bookings and buyers are already staring at waiting periods that run to a couple of months on certain variants of the Honda Amaze Diesel. This high demand for the Amaze seems to have gotten the marketeers at Maruti Suzuki to come out with all guns blazing as India’s largest car maker responded to the Amaze almost immediately, with a Maruti Dzire Regal special edition.

2013 Honda Brio Amaze Compact Sedan

2013 Honda Brio Amaze Compact Sedan

The high demand for the Amaze could hit the Maruti Dzire’s sales by a few thousand units at best considering the fact that Honda currently has limited production capacity earmarked for the Amaze. The Japanese car maker can produce about 4,000 units of the Amaze each month while Maruti is capable of delivering well over 15,000 examples of the Swift Dzire. Come 2014, Honda will double its production capacity and once that happens, the Amaze could steadily grow its marketshare.

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