Maruti Suzuki wants to hire 2,000 ITI holders for the third plant at Manesar; Waiting periods of Swift and Dzire to fall


Currently, Maruti Suzuki produces 500,000 cars from its Manesar factory and India’s largest car maker is bullish about the future. By September 2013, Maruti Suzuki plans to get its third assembly line at Manesar, Plant C, up and running. To produce cars in Plant C, Maruti Suzuki plans to hire no less than 2,000 ITI certified workers. These workers will help Maruti boost its yearly production at Manesar from 500,000 units to 750,000 units. 75-80% of the new workers hired for Manesar will be part of the permanent workforce with the rest making up the temporary workforce. The temporary workforce’s employment will depend on demand, with slow months leading to a cut down in the strength of the temporary workers.

Maruti Suzuki Manesar factory

A file photo of Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar factory

The 50% boost in production is expected to bring down Maruti’s most popular cars like the Swift hatchback and the Dzire compact sedan. Currently, certain diesel variants of the Swift, Dzire and Ertiga come with long waiting periods. Despite the long waiting periods, most car buyers opting for these cars are prepared to endure the long waits as Brand Maruti is the most trusted car brand in the country. However, with competition offering similar cars at lower price points and with no waiting periods, Maruti Suzuki clearly doesn’t seem to be wanting to take any chances. With lower waiting periods, sales of the Swift, Dzire and Ertiga are expected to remain steady.

Apart from Manesar, the next big wave of hiring from Maruti Suzuki will be its brand new facility coming up at Gujarat. Maruti Suzuki’s Gujarat factory, which will be mainly aimed at the export markets will need about 2,000 workers when it begins operations in 2015-16. Maruti plans to begin hiring workers for the Gujarat factory by 2014. The workers will initially be given on-the-job training at Manesar and Gurgaon, after which they will be deployed to work at Gujarat. Eventually, the Gujarat factory could employ about 12,000 workers given the fact that Maruti is aiming to produce 1.5 million cars a year from Gujarat by 2020.

Source FinancialExpress

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