Mercedes Benz India to kickstart CKD assembly of GL-Class SUV from August 26th, 2013



Mercedes Benz India launched the GL-Class SUV in May 2013. The first crop of these high end SUVs  from the three pointed star came into the country through the CBU route. But, Mercedes Benz was smart enough not to price the CBU imported SUV at CBU prices. This means that the 2013 Mercedes Benz GL350CDI came with a price tag that reflected CKD import costs.

2013 Mercedes Benz GL Class SUV

2013 Mercedes Benz GL Class SUV

So, the price of 77.5 lakh rupees for the luxury SUV will remain constant even after Mercedes Benz begins assembling the GL350 CDI by CKD kits. The CKD assembly of the GL350 CDI will begin on the 26th of August, 2013, at Mercedes Benz India’s Chakan facility. The SUV is powered by a 3 liter turbo diesel engine in V6 form. This motor generates 258 Bhp of peak power and 619 Nm of peak torque.The SUV gets a 7 speed automatic gearbox, that supports a 4 wheel drive system. The V6 engine’s power and torque means that the behemoth of the SUV hits 100 Kph in less than 9 seconds. Top speed is over 200 Kph. Given this kind of performance on tap, Mercedes Benz has outfitted the SUV with an array of safety aids to ensure that things stay under control.

2013 Mercedes Benz GL Class SUV

2013 Mercedes Benz GL Class SUV

The SUV competes with the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5, and is available at all Mercedes Benz India showrooms across the country. The GL350 CDI’s CKD assembly at Chakan is only the second such manufacturing activity of this luxury SUV, known as the S-Class of SUVs. The only other location where this SUV is built is at the Mercedes Benz factory in Tuscaloosa, US of A.The SUV sits at the top of Mercedes Benz’s range, of course not considering the G-Class off roader. The latest model that’s sold in India is the second version, with the first version making its debut in 2010.

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