Mercedes Benz teases the 2014 E-Class sedan facelift

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is one of the bread and butter car models for the German luxury car maker. Come 2013, this car will see a major facelift with revamped looks, more safety features, newer engines and a bunch of new creature comforts. To whet our appetites for the facelifted 2014 E-Class, Mercedes Benz has just released a teaser video of the car, which showcases a major design element of the brand new design of the E-Class. While the car will retain the characteristic Mercedes Benz looks with a dollop of chrome on the prominent front grille, the looks will be comprehensively worked upon.

The front headlamp is the biggest change on the 2014 E-Class with the split headlamp design now making way for a single, integrated unit. Also, the front grille will become much smaller than before with the design now moving towards the form factor of other Mercedes Benz car models like the new C-Class and the top end SLS-AMGs. The rear door of the car and the flanks are also expected to see a redesign. Click here to check out the spy shot of the 2014 Mercedes Benz E-Class that we carried a while ago.

On the inside, Mercedes Benz is expected to improve the quality of materials used to reaffirm the E-Class’ focus on comfort and quality for its passengers, especially the folks who occupy the rear seat. The seats of the car are expected to be redesigned for better comfort. Instrumentation and the multimedia infotainment system is expected to get a once over to look fresher than before. Mercedes Benz is also expected to pack in more safety features into the facelifted 2014 E-Class than ever before. Stuff like Distronic cruise control and a laser assisted emergency braking system is expected to make it to the new car.

Also, international markets are expected to get the “Magic Ride” adaptive suspension system in which a camera monitors the road conditions to tweak the suspension settings automatically. The 2014 E-Class’s engine range is expected to become more powerful and fuel efficient than ever before. The car is also expected to get a cut price, entry level variant with a 1.6 Liter turbo diesel engine sourced from Renault. Expect the 2014 Mercedes Benz E-Class Facelift to arrive into India sometime during late 2013, a few months after its global unveil that is expected to happen at the Detroit Motor Show.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is the top selling car for the German brand in the Indian car market. Buyers continue to prefer the E-Class to the likes of the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6 due to the higher level of comfort that the E-Class offers to the back seat passenger. Given that most luxury cars in India are chauffeur driven, the E-Class enjoys higher sales mainly due to its comfortable back seat. The car’s suspension is also tuned towards a better ride quality rather than sharper handling and this is a major reason for it to be preferred amongst folks who like to be chauffeured about.

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