Nano faces a torrid December 2012; Time to launch the CNG version Tata

Tata Motors will want to forget December 2012, for the month saw the car maker selling just 14,000 cars. These sales numbers mean that Tata Motors is within striking distance of Toyota Kirloskar and is in risk of losing its fourth position. December is the month when car sales are depressed. So, Tata Motors’ performance in December 2012 isn’t something out of the blue. However, a cause of concern for Karl Slym and co will definitely be the sales performance of the Nano, which clocked another disappointing month, with December sales hitting the 2,200 mark.

Tata Nano CNG front view image

2013 Tata Nano CNG showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo

While the Nano’s performance in 2012 has been better that its performance in 2011, sales have not taken off despite Tata Motors trying every trick in the book. From discounts to Special Edition models, Tata Motors has constantly been refreshing the Nano. Despite these measures, the car continues to be a slow seller for the brand. So, it’s about time that Tata Motors launches the CNG version of the Nano, a car that is expected to appeal to folks looking for a frugal city runabout. The CNG powered Nano is expected to be launched in the next few months.

The CNG powered Nano, which was showcased at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo will be capable of running on both petrol and CNG fuel options. The driver will have a dashboard mounted switch to toggle between these two fuels. Expect the Tata Nano CNG to be priced about INR 20,000 more than the equivalent petrol model. Now, the CNG powered Nano makes a bunch of sense given the fact that the rise petrol prices show no signs of abating. Also, the Indian government is planning to raise prices of diesel by about INR 10 in 2013.

Due to this twin factors, a CNG powered Nano could actually be a better bet for city slickers than even say the diesel powered Nano. The only downside of the Nano CNG is the fact that CNG dispensing fuel stations are limited to the bigger cities of India. Apart from the Nano CNG, the diesel engined Nano is also in the works at Tata Motors. The Nano Diesel could be launched by the end of 2013. The Nano Diesel will feature an 800cc twin cylinder diesel engine that’ll use common rail direct injection and turbocharging. The Nano Diesel is expected to be priced under INR 3 lakhs, making it the least priced diesel powered car in the world.

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