New Toyota Etios Liva Cross 2014 – Specifications, Variants, Images


New 2014 Etios Liva Cross is going to be showcased in 2014 Auto Expo

Cross hatches…anyone remember the Palio Adventure? Or Corsa Sail? While they did not sell in big numbers they looked the part with roof rails, side cladding et all. Volkswagen recently went the ‘cross hatch’ way and launched the Cross Polo. Mechanically identical to the regular Polo, cosmetic additions is what distinguishes this car. Soon, Toyota might be joining this wagon with its only hatch back in India, the new Liva.

2014 Toyota Liva Cross Yellow Car

Toyota Liva Cross

Toyota Liva Cross

Toyota Liva Cross

The Liva from the time of its launch has not been any stonker in terms of sales figures. The Liva’s economical petrol and diesel engine in addition to its spacious interiors was probably the prime reason for the sales it attained. Of-course Toyota’s bullet-proof build quality is also to be credited for gaining the customer’s trust. But the Liva has always been associated with the yellow boards.  To appeal to individual customers and to add a dash of excitement to its range, Toyota might soon be launching the Liva Cross Hatch in India. The car will majorly differ from the regular Liva on cosmetic grounds. It aims to appeal to those looking for a dose of ruggedness in their daily drive. Gone are those utterly plain looking door panels. Now it sports a thick side cladding and more rugged and sturdy front and rear bumpers. The bumpers now have faux skid plates on both ends of the car. The Liva Cross also gets roof rails for those looking to carry their sporting equipment and bulky goods. Also the car will sport alloy wheels for all the variants.

Side view Of Liva Cross

Side view Of Liva Cross

Interiors might see marginal changes with a different design for seat fabric and all black dash to carry forward the hard wearing feeling. Mechanically of course, do not expect any four wheel drive trickery. Under the skin, it will remain the same Liva with the current range of engines. The 1.4 l diesel engine still produces the same 68BHP and the petrol engine might be shared with the 1.5 l Liva Sportivo which produces  89 BHP.

Rear View of the Liva Cross

Rear View of the Liva Cross

November 2013 Toyota launched the Liva Cross in Brazil. Toyota will be showcasing this car at their stalls in the upcoming Auto Expo in Delhi, India.

With the Cross hatch and the Liva Sportivo, Toyota aims to take out the taxi image that the Liva and Etios are associated with. While Indian have never been too fond of this category of hatch backs, there definitely seems to be a change in the thinking looking at the success at crossovers like Ecosport. Considering the options consumers are subjected to, the Liva Cross might receive lukewarm response but only time and numbers will tell the entire story. It definitely seems to be a credible choice for those who took liking to the Cross Polo. So don’t sign your cheque just yet for the Cross Polo. Wait until the Auto Expo for more information on the Liva Cross.

Key Specs:

Engine: 1.4 l Diesel / 1.5 l Petrol

Power: 68 BHP / 89 BHP

Torque: 17.3 Kgm / 13.5 Kgm

Kerb Weight: ~ 1010 Kg / 950 Kg


  1. manmohan singh

    January 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Price plze……

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    January 8, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    price please

  3. Dr.Raj

    January 30, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    It is fine looks good , better than Reno Sandero

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    February 5, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Nice Looking Car…..

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