Car Model Blitzkrieg: By 2012, Nissan will manufacture and launch 5 models in India

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Nissan India is planning a blitzkrieg of sorts. How else can you explain 5 new car models, wholly manufactured in India, by 2012?

Yeah, you’re hearing and seeing right. Nissan India is very bullish on the potential of India as a car market and also as a cost competitive small car hub for Nissan’s global small car operations. Hence, they are planning to sell and manufacture a range of small cars right here in India. There are the 5 cars to be manufactured in India:

  • Nissan Micra, the compact hatchback, which will be launched in July this year.
  • Nissan Micra Sedan, which will be launched next year.
  • Three models based on V, Nissan’s new global compact car platform.

Also, Nissan India will import four car models from Japan, out of which it is already selling three, the Teana, 370Z and the X-Trail in India. So, one more high end car will be imported from Japan, the details of which are sketchy at the moment.

So, that makes it a total of 9 different cars under the Nissan umbrella in India. Also, Nissan India is looking to expand it’s dealerships in India and is all set to aggressively expand the total number of dealerships to 55 by 2012.

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