Nissan’s DATSUN brand ready to open for world on 15th July

DATSUN is all set for a world premiere on 15th of July, in Gurgaon. “When you posses the power of Dreams, Access and Trust, a generation shall rise to bring a new dawn and a bright future” is what the media invite says. The brand that has been creating a buzz since last year will make its final global debut. Founded in 1931 and taken over by Nissan in 1934, its rebirth will be as a low cost car brand by Nissan for emerging markets. Datsun will make an official announcement of brand on 15th July and the products under these brand are still under development.



There are currently tthree ongoing projects in Nissan for this brand, Lada Granta based mid size sedan and Nissan i2 and K2 hatchbacks. These vehicles will directly target first time car buyers and will compete with cars like Alto 800, Hyundai Eon and Hyundai i10. Datsun project K2 is expected to share underpinnings of  previous generation Micra and will fit the segment of 3-4 lakh car. The Datsun small car codenamed i2 will be positioned such that it will be just above Tata Nano and Maruti Alto 800 in segment of 2-3 lakh car. 

Nissan has made India its global manufacturing hub for the Micra hatchback. Datsun cars are also expected to get manufactured in India and will be exported to emerging markets in Africa and other locations across the world. Whether Datsun will sell their cars under Nissan dealerships or in their own independent showrooms and service networks remains unclear to us. But if its going to be with Nissan, it might affect Nissan’s brand image, as Datsun is a low cost brand. We are expecting a debut of the concept versions of Datsun cars projected for India on the launch day. Keep watching this space to get live updates and know what’s in store for India.

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