Pagani coming to India with the Huayra?


Pagani Huayra gull wing doors image1 Pagani coming to India with the Huayra?

Pagani Huayra gull wing doors

The floodgates seem have finally opened. The world’s supercar makers are now looking at India to expand their empire and in the process, add some spice to the roads of the subcontinent. Of course, you have to be super rich to own these beasts but, atleast car spotters will have something to cheer to apart from the usual dreary stuff that dominates the landscape.

A few days back, the prancing horse from Italy, galloped in to India. Ferrari, opened their first showroom in the capital, New Delhi. The iconic sports car maker will be offering their complete range of sports cars for the Indian customer. Ferrari’s line-up in India will also include the all new Ferrari FF four-seat, four-wheel-drive hatchback. The California convertible is the cheapest car among the range of scarlet cars on offer with a price tag of Rs 2.2 Cr.

Pagani Huayra interior image1 Pagani coming to India with the Huayra?

Pagani Huayra interior

The uber-impressive 458 Italia will cost you Rs 2.5 Cr while the 599 GTB Fiorano, sports a price tag of Rs 3.37 Cr. The all new FF is the most expensive of them all bearing a sticker price of Rs 3.41 Cr. Now, Swedish sports car maker Koenigsegg, too drove into India recently. Unlike the Ferraris, the Agera costs upwards of Rs 10 Cr. Bugatti too is planning to debut its Veyron hypercar in India soon.

The far end of the spectrum where the Veyrons and Ageras reside also comprises of one name that has dominated the hypercar world for years. Pagani is the only car maker that has been able to successfully set shop among the top names in the super industry; Ferrari and Lamborghini. Now, Pagani could be mulling an entry into India too. The latest hypercar from Pagani, the Huayra could be coming ashore soon.

Pagani Huayra rear quarter view image Pagani coming to India with the Huayra?

Pagani Huayra rear quarter view

The Pagani Huayra made its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor show and stole the limelight as was expected. The mid-engined hypercar runs a bespoke, AMG twin-turbo V12 with over 700 bhp and a massive 1003 Nm of torque. The body is made of carbo-tanium, a specially developed material derived from carbon fibre and titanium. Expect the Pagani Huayra to cost over Rs 10 Cr. So, if you are looking for a super quick mode of transport and have a suitcase-full of spare cash, you will now be spoiled for choice with the possible entry of the Huayra on the Indian super car scene.

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