Renault’s low cost small cars for India could compete with the Nano-Alto 800 and WagonR-i10

Here are a bunch of possible new details emerging about the low cost small cars that Renault could launch in India. Apparently, the small cars that the French automaker will launch for the Indian car market will be developed with alliance partner Nissan. Incidentally, Renault is in a global alliance with Japanese automaker Nissan, and this alliance ranges from joint product development to joint manufacturing. Renault could launch two new small cars in India, with both the low cost cars said to be positioned under the least priced car that the French automaker currently sells in India, the Pulse hatchback.

2012 Renault Pulse Diesel Hatchback

 Renault Pulse Hatchback used as an illustration

While one small car from Renault could compete with the likes of the Maruti Alto and the Tata Nano, with a positioning between the two cars, the other small car will have a higher price tag. Going by its positioning, the lower priced small car from Renault is expected to be priced well within INR 3 lakhs as that is the range in which the Tata Nano and the Maruti Alto 800 operate in. The other small car from Renault is expected to compete with the like of the Maruti WagonR and the Hyundai i10 models, with a price tag of about INR 3.6 lakhs.

The other detail emerging about the Renault small car is that it could share parts with the Datsun range of low cost cars that Nissan will sell in India and other emerging countries like Russia and Indonesia. With these latest developments, it seems like Renault will indeed launch small cars which will operate independently from the Datsun brand of low cost cars. Renault’s low cost small cars could make their debut in 2014, the same time during which the Datsun range will also begin to be sold in the Indian car market. We expect both the Renault small cars to be powered by petrol engines.

Though Renault has made a big mark in India, with the Duster SUV, which continues to be its best selling product, the big volumes lie in the small car space. This is said to be the motivation behind Renault coming up with the two new low cost small cars. That said, the French automaker will have to rapidly scale up its dealership and after sales reach if it plans to take on small car giant like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, both of which have a massive reach across most if not all parts of India.

Source FinancialExpress

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