Right hand drive 2014 Audi A3 sedan to make UK debut by year end


At next month’s Shanghai Motor Show, German luxury car maker will unwrap the production version of what promises to be a hot seller from Ingolstadt. Yes, we’re talking about the 2014 Audi A3 sedan, a car that’ll take on the Mercedes Benz CLA sedan, and serve as Audi’s entry level sedan. While Audi has not announced plans of launching the A3 sedan in India, instead planning to focus on more expensive luxury cars, the German car maker’s spokesperson has announced that the car will be launched in the United Kingdom by the end of this year. The Audi A3 sedan is expected to be sold in Germany, USA, China and the UK.

2012 Audi A3 Sedan

2014 Audi A3 Sedan

 Like UK, India follows a right hand drive layout. So, the Audi A3 sedan being launched in the UK does mean that India will have a ready version if and when Audi decides to go ahead and launch this car in India. The Audi A3 sedan is expected to be priced affordably as the car will be aimed at younger car buyers seeking to enter the luxury car space through Audi. Based on the Volkswagen MQB platform, the Audi A3 sedan already has an in-production sibling in the form of the A3 hatchback. The MQB platform involves parts, production facility and platform sharing.

2012 Audi A3 Sedan

2014 Audi A3 Sedan

The MQB platform will be a major factor that is expected to allow Audi to price the A3 sedan competitively. Globally, the Audi A3 sedan will dig into Volkswagen’s burgeoning parts bin and use existing engine and transmission parts. While the petrol engine for the A3 sedan will be the 1.8 Liter TSI turbo petrol motor, the diesel engine will be the 2 Liter TDI turbo diesel motor. Power and torque transmission to the front wheel of the Audi A3 sedan will happen by means of a 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox, popularly known as the DSG unit.

2012 Audi A3 Sedan Concept

2014 Audi A3 Sedan

Globally, the Teuton trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are betting big on the entry level luxury car space. While the A3 hatchback and sedan are Audi’s entries for this segment, BMW has the 1-Series hatchback line up for now. In future, BMW plans to unleash a range of body styles of the 1-Series car range. Mercedes Benz, for its part, has the MFA platform based cars like the A-Class, B-Class and the CLA sedan. A compact Mercedes Benz GLA crossover is also in the works. These entry level luxury cars are aimed at attracting new buyers in both developed and emerging car markets across the globe.

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