Skoda’s product roadmap includes facelifted Yeti, 7 seat Superb SUV and new Fabia

Skoda is betting big on the Volkswagen group’s MQB platform. In case you didn’t know, Skoda is owned by Volkswagen and hence, the MQB connection. While the 2013 Octavia is the first product in the Skoda range to sit on the MQB platform, new cars from Skoda will also use different variations of the MQB platform. Before we tell you about Skoda’s new cars, people interested in the Abominable Snowman car, or the Yeti in other words, will be pleased to hear that the facelifted version of the car will be launched by the end of this year.

2011 Skoda Yeti 4X4

2011 Skoda Yeti 4X4 used as an illustration

Moving on to the other launches from Skoda, the Czech car brand plans to launch the revamped version of the Fabia. The next generation model of the Fabia will be an all new car and will use the MQB platform. As the MQB platform is much larger than the current PQ25 platform that the Fabia shares with the Volkswagen Polo, the 2015 next-gen Fabia will be a larger car. As the Fabia is jumping onto the MQB platform, it’s but obvious that the Volkswagen Polo hatchback will follow suit. India might not get the next generation Fabia but we’ll definitely get the next generation Volkswagen Polo. 2015 is when the new Polo will be launched in India.

2014 skoda Octavia RS

2014 skoda Octavia RS

Here’s another surprise from Skoda. The next generation Superb could be an SUV. AutoCar UK suggests that the Superb nameplate will be used by a 7 seat SUV that the Czech car maker is building. This SUV will use the largest version of the MQB platform and the surprise is that the Superb badge could also be used on this product. Also, the SUV will replace the Superb saloon as Skoda’s flagship product. What then happens to the Superb luxury saloon? We’ll have to find that out for you. Stay tuned.

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