Spied: 2014 Tata Nano Diesel Hatchback


Team ICB’s roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion, has been patrolling the outskirts of Tata Motors’ Pimpri plant, off Pune. Test mules of the Nano Diesel, which for some reason, remained within the plant, have now resumed duties in various parts of Pune. EarthFusion swooped in on one such car being tested close to the Tata Motors plant in Pimpri. The car did not feature any camouflage up front but did so at the rear. Also, the Nano Diesel that was spotted did have the distinct clatter that one associates with diesel powered engines. The Tata Nano Diesel is expected to be the next big thing in the Nano line up and could follow the CNG powered Nano.

2014 Tata Nano Diesel Hatchback Spyshot

2014 Tata Nano Diesel Hatchback Spyshot

Talking of the CNG powered Nano, the car will be launched in the next few months, as a viable alternate to petrol powered entry level cars like the Maruti Alto 800 and the Hyundai Eon. The Nano CNG will undercut both the Alto 800 and the Eon, to be positioned as the least priced CNG car sold in India. The CNG powered Nano will come with the capability of being a dual fuel CNG-petrol version. Coming back to the Nano Diesel, this hatchback is expected to be the least priced diesel car in the world. The car could deliver a mileage as high as 35 Kmpl.

The Nano Diesel will use common rail turbo diesel technology that is expected to result in the 800cc twin cylinder diesel motor managing good performance as well as fuel economy. One of the smallest diesel motors to be ever produced by Tata Motors, the  Nano Diesel’s engine will use a tiny turbocharger that has been developed by Honeywell, a world leader in turbocharger technology. The Nano Diesel is expected to feature a revised rear bumper and could be made available with an open-able hatch. These changes apart, the outer design of the Nano Diesel is expected to be similar to the petrol version of the car.

Apart from the diesel powered Nano, Tata Motors is said to be working on a more powerful version of the petrol powered Nano. This car is expected to get a bigger petrol engine and a complete redesign, to take on the likes of the Maruti Alto 800 and the Hyundai Eon. The more powerful version of the petrol Nano is also expected to come with more creature comforts while it will also be priced higher than the 623cc versions. The more powerful Nano Petrol is expected to co-exist with the entry level 623cc versions.

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