Suzuki Swift goes 4X4 for the UK market

Suzuki’s popular Swift hatchback has gone butch and with that, has gotten a 4X4 mode. The 4X4 version fo the Swift is now available in the United Kingdom. The car is Suzuki’s answer to the Volkswagen Cross Polo and the Skoda Fabia Scout. What’s common between these three cars you may ask. We’ll simplify it for you. All three cars are family hatchbacks that have got butch bits like new bumpers, body cladding and a jacked up ground clearance. This makes them pseudo-crossovers, which look like crossovers but are merely hatchbacks with some aggressive styling bits.

Suzuki Swift 4X4

Suzuki Swift 4X4

The Suzuki Swift 4X4 is powered by the 1.2 liter K-Series petrol engine. Suzuki UK hasn’t offered the car with a turbo diesel motor for reasons best known to it. The engine gets a 5 speed manual gearbox. The addition of the 4X4 option to the Swift, which is otherwise front wheel driven, has made the car more heavy. 65 Kg is the extra weight that the 1.2 liter engine has to pull around. So, grip levels will go up in snowed out and other slippery conditions while the straight line performance will be affected a little due to all that extra kilograms.


Suzuki Swift 4X4 rear quarter angle

The Swift 4X4 model gets skid plates at the front and the rear, black wheel arch extensions and black side skirts. As you can see from the pictures, these styling elements make the car look more rugged than the regular Swift. Since the car is a 2013 model, daytime running LED lamps are standard. In some days, Volkswagen India will launch the Cross Polo, a hatchback that is styled to look like a crossover. But we don’t think that Maruti Suzuki will launch a Swift 4X4 in India as Indian conditions don’t need a 4X4 mode for regular use. Maruti Suzuki has instead launched this.

Source: Autoevolution 

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