Tata Motors lines up big April discounts on Nano, Safari, Manza, Vista and Sumo

The entire Indian auto industry is battling a sales slowdown. Amongst car makers, Tata Motors has been particularly hard hit by the sales slowdown and Tata Motors is doing everything it can to boost sales. One such move is the discounts that Tata is offering on a wide range of its cars sold in India. For April 2013, Tata Motors has lined up an attractive discount offer that combines chunky cash discounts and a gold coin. While cash discounts and other freebies adding to the total discount figure vary depending on the Tata car model in question, the gold coin is standard across the car range that are in this discount scheme. Here are details of the individual discounts on car models such as the Nano, Vista, Manza, Sumo and Safari.

Tata Motors April 2013 Discounts

Tata Motors April 2013 Discounts

Cars such as the Indica eV2, Safari Storme and the Aria are now covered by the April offer although attractive discounts are offered on these models as well, at the dealer level. For instance, the Aria crossover is available with a humongous discount of 2.5 lakh rupees, a discount that makes the Aria a superb value buy for folks looking at a large crossover that’s spacious and feature filled. Coming to the various discounts that are being offered by multiple car makers in India, many car makers such as Volkswagen, Skoda and Nissan are offering attractive loan terms with affordable EMI offers. Other car makers are offering straight cash discounts and exchange bonuses to propel car sales during this lean patch for the car industry. For discount hunters, this is perhaps an ideal time to snag good deals.

While discounts are one way to speed up sales, Tata Motors’ slow sales has to do with fundamental issues as many of Tata Motors’ cars have become jaded when compared to the competition. Tata Motors plans to address the larger issue by launching a series of refreshes across its model range. Over the next couple of years, expect the complete line up of Tata Motors to see a total revamp.

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