Tata Nano Europa Electric to hit Europe in under 30 months, Tata remains tightlipped about India

Tata Nano Electric Car Image

Tata Nano Electric Car

As usual, Tata Motors made quite a splash at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. This time around, all eyes were on the Tata Nano Electric, eclipsing the Tata Aria Crossover which was also at the Tata Motors Pavilion.

Powered by lithium ion batteries, the Nano Electric plug-in will sprint from nought to sixty Ks in about 10 seconds and will go on for about a hundred miles before it’s batteries start saying, Juice me up baby.

Tata Nano Electric Car Picture

Tata Nano Electric Car

What we like is the range but the nought to sixty time seems to be a little iffy, given that electric cars make some serious twist right from the word go. That said, the Nano Electric could just be the perfect option to replace the pesky three wheeled, over polluting contraptions going by the name auto rickshaws, which add quite some chaos to the already chaotic Indian urban maelstrom.

While most of you would be eager for that to happen, Tata Motors however remains tightlipped about the Nano Electric’s India plans. What they instead have been harping about all day yesterday, is the fact that an electric version of the Nano Europa will scuttle across European roads in under thirty months.

2010 Tata Nano Electric Car Photo: Geneva Motor Show

Tata Nano Electric Car

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