Tata Safari Storm SUV: More images surface and along with it new details!


Come 2012, Tata will launch an upgraded Safari in the Indian market. Just days ago, we learnt that the Merlin name was more of a codename for the refreshed Safari project and that Tata Motors could settle on the Safari storm moniker for the new Safari, making us wonder whether the existing Safari would continue to sell as a cut price variant. In the past, we’ve seen this happen in many cases like the Ford Fiesta staying on as the Classic when the all new Fiesta arrived and the Tata Indica continuing to do duty with the Vista being positioned as a more upmarket variant.

2012 Tata Safari Storm SUV

2012 Tata Safari Storm SUV

From the images our friends at GoaOnWheels are carrying of the Safari Storm, it is evident that the SUV that is being seen in the images will be what the final production version will look like. While the Safari Storm will get a new dashboard and interiors, the rear end will dump the spare wheel from the tailgate. Instead, it seems like the spare wheel will find a place inside the car, under the boot. Tata has gone this way in the past with the Aria and the Safari Storm will follow in this direction. The rear hatch lid gets a chrome strip running across its breadth while a fiber insert, a-la-Indica Vista is another new visual element.

2012 Tata Safari Storm SUV

2012 Tata Safari Storm SUV

Other details like twin exhaust, new tail lamps and a more curvier profile are things that we’ve already been witness to courtesy the numerous spyshots of the Safari Storm that have been surfacing on the interweb at regular intervals. All in all, the Safari Storm still manages to retain the now iconic Safari silhouette although the front end also sees a big change with new headlamps, a chrome strip on the bonnet and a new grille apart from new bumpers and a bonnet. The engine will remain the same 2.2 Liter DICOR turbo diesel unit. The 2012 Tata Safari Storm will be showcased at the upcoming 2012 Indian Auto Expo.

Via GoaOnWheels


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  1. Deepak

    December 25, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    The tata safari storm will not b a upmarket product as u believe. It will just b a upgrad just like a Indica V2 and Sumo victa….
    The new Safari based on the Aria platform is still on the drawing broad,n it will take other 12 to 18 to get into production. The new Safari(based on aria platform) will have a brand new design and take on the XUV 5oo

  2. Stephen

    December 26, 2011 at 10:36 am

    instead of launching new models, why dont they provide a trouble free A.S.S

  3. Shreyas

    December 26, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    “tata safari merlin” was a better name than tata safari storm
    the name was suiting the vehicle’s condition and storm to fast forwarded.:]]:]:)

  4. cdr subimal dutt,C/E

    January 22, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    length shud hv been reduced at least by 150 mm or so,
    wonder why the width has also gone up by 47 mm vis-a vis existing safari?

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