Tata Winger long wheelbase passenger version rendered, in an ICB Exclusive


Tata Motors Limited is past master when it comes to churning out variant after variant of its range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In fact, Tata takes the cake when it comes to the sheer number of variants each of its car model manages to have. Nearly a month ago, Team ICB’s roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion, brought you exclusive images of the Tata Winger panel van. Back then, we carried an exclusive scoop of the Winger spawning a long wheelbase version even for the passenger variants and now, EarthFusion has returned with renders to show you how the long wheelbase Winger would look like.

2013 Tata Winger Long Wheelbase Passenger Van Render

A speculative render of the 2013 Tata Winger Long Wheelbase Passenger Van

The Tata Winger long wheelbase variant will squeeze in additional seats to improve the carrying capacity of this passenger van, which is incidentally a steady seller for Tata Motors. The longer wheelbase version of the Winger is aimed at Force Motors’ Traveler range of passenger vans, which are quite popular in most cities in the country, as a compact people mover that is a good alternative to the larger mini buses, especially in the more crowded parts of the Indian cityscape. The exact time frame by when the Winger LWB will be launched remains unknown at this point in time.

In the coming months, the 2.2 Liter DICOR common rail turbo diesel engine will find its way into the Winger’s engine bay. That said, this engine, which is used in a wide range of Tata SUVs and MUVs is expected to feature a lower state of tune on the Winger, with a 120 Bhp-250 Nm output likely. This is in fact the same state of tune that the engine comes in, on the Tata Grande MUV. Currently, the Winger comes with two engine options, a non turbocharged 2 liter 68 Bhp engine and a turbocharged-intercooled version of the same engine, to make for a power output of 90 Bhp.

2013 Tata Winger Long Wheelbase Passenger Van Render

A speculative render of the 2013 Tata Winger Long Wheelbase Passenger Van

The more powerful engine, with the bagfuls of torque could be quite handy on the LWB Winger to lug around the additional loads.  Expect both CNG as well as diesel variants of the Winger to be made available. The Winger currently is available in a range of variants, ranging from the high roof passenger van to ambulance and school bus versions. The Winger LWB is also expected to seamlessly step into these applications, just as the Force Traveler has been doing for many years now. Even as you’re reading this Tata Motors is busy planning the next generation Winger, a story of which will be carried soon on ICB. Watch this space.

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  1. Rashmi Roy

    June 6, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Hi ,

    I am from an animal non-profit organisation.We are looking for a van which could serve as a rescue , food and treatment van.Do you all have any such vehicle according to our requirements? Or the Winger could be customized? If yes, what would be the price range?
    Thank you
    Rashmi Roy

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