The DC100 Concept could replace the Land Rover Defender SUV by 2015


The Land Rover Defender SUV is known for its prowess off the road and a worthy successor to this iconic Landie will take some making. Land Rover, for its part seems to betting on the DC100 SUV concept. The DC100 Concept could go into production by the middle of this decade and finally replace the Defender as Land Rover’s entry level off roader. The SUV spawned out of the Land Rover DC100 Concept is expected to not just be a rugged off roader, but also be stylish enough to attract younger buyers into its fold.

Land Rover DC100 SUV Concept

Land Rover DC100 SUV Concept

Given that small SUVs aimed at younger buyers are being built by the Teuton trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, Land Rover’s entry into this lucrative segment had to happen sooner than later. Since the Defender does come with a massive reputation, Land Rover will have a task at hand with the DC100 concept as off roading enthusiasts will be expecting quite a bit from the next generation Defender. With the production version of the Dc100 SUV, Land Rover will be aiming to emulate the same level of success that the Range Rover Evoque crossover has delivered for the British SUV brand.

The Evoque Crossover, along with the Freelander2 SUV is delivering huge volumes for Tata Motors Land Rover, so much so that these products have led to Land Rover running round the clock production at the Halewood factory.  The DC100 Concept being transformed into a replacement of the Defender will sink into the sizeable, billion dollar plus investment that Tata Motors has made for new product development at Jagua-Land Rover. The DC100 Concept that was showcased at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show features four cylindet turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines with a capacity of 2 Liters.

Land Rover DC100 SUV Concept

Land Rover DC100 SUV Concept

Both these engines are hybrid ready, which means that the production version of the DC100 could get hybrid power in case the market demands it. Fuel sipping stuff like idle stop, brake energy regeneration and a highly efficient 8 speed automatic gearbox was showcased on the DC100 concept and this could make it onto production models as well.  Expect the production version of the DC100 to be loaded to the gills with technology and creature comforts befitting the Land Rover badge on the bonnet. Here”s hoping that Land Rover bring this entry level SUV to India as well.


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