Transformers dance in Gangnam Style

Everyone from Hugh Jackman to Shah Rukh Khan is dancing to the catchy tunes of Korean pop sensation PSY’s smash hit single, Gangnam Style. There hasn’t been a global music phenomenon which has gone massively viral like this has. Yes, we had our Kolveri and its dozens of variants and rip-offs. But Gangnam is in an altogether different league. It’s in the 531 million views and counting league to be precise.

Transformers 3 poster

Transformers 3

“Car site…Jeremy…It’s a car site…”

So why are we talking about a YouTube sensation on a car site? Well, while getting a piece of laughter off the many Gangnam versions on YouTube, we found this video which has Optimus Prime and Co setting the dance floor on fire with the PSY track running full blast.

Most of the car buffs out there are familiar with a series of movies known by the name of Transformers. Thanks to its not-so-visionary director’s penchant for car chases as well as high-octane automotive and metal twisting action, most of us do have a liking for his flicks. Or else, even with all its flaws, Transformers: Dark of the Moon won’t be the 5th highest grossing movie of all time. Michael Bay’s “when in doubt, blow up stuff” film-making strategy has tricked us into watching his movies and enjoying them for almost two decades by now. Not that we are complaining. It’s a guilty pleasure for many of us.

Getting back to the video, it features some of the most iconic Transformers characters shaking a leg to the tune and signature dance style of PSY’s Gangnam Style track. The robot designs which have been used for this Cybertronian rip-off is from the highly popular original TV series and comic books, better known to Transformers fanboys as Generation 1. While it won’t be difficult to find out Optimus and Bumblebee in the pack, it will be slightly hard to identify the other back-up dancers and leads. Just in case you are wondering who gets to do the outrageous lift sequence, it’s the Decepticon leader Megatron and his right-hand man (or right-hand bot) Shockwave.

This funky video has been created by NGSMOOV and though it won’t be anywhere close to the original in terms of cheesiness or fun or popularity, we do find it going a long way in getting its own share of views on Youtube. And to the movie fanboys, no need to panic, guys. Michael Bay won’t be replacing Linkin Park with PSY for Transformers 4, even if PSY has made it quite clear in his video that he too like to blow up stuff for fun.

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