Volkswagen to build diesel Up! by borrowing twin cylinder 800cc turbo diesel engine from the XL1 concept

So, the XL1, which looks like an ugly cross between a platypus and an automobile finally has something useful to offer, apart from its slippery aerodynamics that is. Volkswagen’s R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg has just announced that a diesel version of the Up! hatchback is in the works. The diesel engined Up! will use a twin cylinder, 800cc TDI turbo diesel engine that will be borrowed from the XL1 concept. This engine is basically a chopped unit from the four cylinder 1.6 Liter TDI turbo diesel engine that a range of Volkswagen group cars like the Vento and Rapid sedans use.

2012 Volkswagen Up! 5 Door Hatchback

2012 Volkswagen Up! 5 Door Hatchback

The 800cc turbo diesel engine, being a twin cylinder unit, uses a crankshaft driven balancer shaft to keep unruly vibes in check. The twin cylinder engine produces a peak power of 48 PS while peak torque is rated at a healthy 120 Nm, which will provide decent pep for light weight entry level cars like the Up! and the CitiGO. The hallmark of this small capacity turbo diesel engine, Volkswagen’s smallest yet will be its high fuel efficiency. Expect the Volkswagen Up! hatchback with the 800cc , twin cylinder turbo diesel engine, a start-stop system and low resistance tyres to deliver over 25 Kmpl.

However, when the twin cylinder TDI engine does make it to the Volkswagen Up!, it will be modified suitably. Talking of which, we expect more power and torque to be squeezed out of this motor to make for some perky performance. Yesterday, we did carry a story of a compact SUV from Volkswagen, called the Taigun, which is based on the Up! platform. While Volkswagen did announce a 1 liter turbo petrol engine for the Taigun, the automaker left us all guessing whether the compact SUV would get a diesel motor under the hood.

Team ICB went out on a wing and speculated that the 800cc TDI turbo diesel engine from the XL1 could eventually make it to the Taigun. Now that the Up! will get the 800cc diesel engine, there is a chance that the same motor could be used on the Taigun as well.  This, as the 800cc TDI turbo diesel engine is said to be compatible with all cars based on the Up! platform, which includes the likes of the Skoda CitoGO, the Seat Mii and now the Taigun compact SUV. All in all, this is a very interesting development indeed, a development that has the potential to make diesel power widely prevalent even on entry level small cars.


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