Will the Honda Brio based MPV be unveiled at the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show?

Honda has designed the Brio platform to be a highly versatile one. The car platform that’s aimed at the car buying populaces of emerging markets in the world such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa has already spawned two body styles: The Brio hatchback and the Brio Amaze compact sedan. The Japanese car maker could unleash a third body style of the Brio in the form of a compact MPV. The Brio based compact MPV could debut as early as the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show, scheduled to be held at Jakarta in September.

2014 Honda Brio based compact MPV render

A speculative render of the 2014 Honda Brio based compact MPV

This buzz around the Brio based compact MPV is based on the following comment made by Mr Jonfis Fandy, the Marketing and After Sales Director of Honda Indonesia who said,

One of the [unnamed] models is a city car and the other is new take on one of our existing models. 

The latter part of the comment indicating Honda Indonesia’s plans of launching a car based on an existing model has gotten the motoring press in that country to speculate that the car in question could be the Honda Brio based compact MPV. The MPV that Honda could build is expected to take on the likes of the Suzuki Ertiga, the Maza VX-1(A rebadged Ertiga) and the hot selling Toyota Avanza. MPVs are quite popular in Indonesia and this could be the motivation behind Honda’s plans of first launching the compact MPV version of the Brio in that country.

Later this year, the Honda Brio Amaze compact sedan is also expected to go on sale in the Indonesian car market. It remains to be seen whether Honda Cars India has any plans of launching the Brio based MPV in the Indian car market in the future. Such a move from Honda remains a distinct possibility given the fact that Indians, like Indonesians, love their MPVs. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, a compact MPV, has managed to become the best seller in India, within a year of its launch. So, the market for a well priced compact MPV does exist in India.

However, if at all Honda decides to launch the Brio based compact MPV in India, it would need to do this with a turbo diesel engine under the MPVs hood. Given that the Japanese car giant will produce the 1.5 Liter i-DTEC turbo diesel motor in India over the next few months, equipping the Brio based MPV with a turbo diesel engine shouldn’t be too much of a bother for Honda. This, assuming that the Brio based MPV has been designed to play host to a turbo diesel motor. If the Brio Amaze is of any indication, Honda could’ve designed its latest MPV as a diesel-ready model.

Source JakartaPost Render Courtesy TheophilusChin

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