X1 M’ed! BMW X1 M Sport Package adds character

BMW X1 M Sport front view

BMW X1 M Sport Package

History has always taught us that, every BMW model must visit the M-Division at least once in its lifetime. The 1-Series has just been over to the ‘M’ boffins which has transformed the whole package from a humble family hatchback to a car, all the boy-racer types would love. The BMW X1 was recently launched in India and the world over and has been the latest model to drive down to get M’ed.

X1 M Sport front bumper

X1 M Sport --front bumper

As always, the visit to the M-Division has resulted into a total transformation of the original X1. As far as looks go, the X1 M Sport gets wider air intakes, bigger wheels , all-black interiors and a lot of ‘M’ badges. In conjunction to all this BMW also offer new Alpine White, Le Mans Blue, Sapphire Black, Space Grey, Vermillion Red and Mineral White exterior colors.


BMW X1 M alloys

BMW X1 M --alloys

Well, you might think, all these sporty concoctions are fine and that its all-show-and-no-go. You’d be wrong because, the M Sport Package also includes suspension upgrades and a  six speed manual box to suit the racing overalls.


X1 M Sport -- Interior

X1 M Sport -- Interior

News and image courtesy: Bmwblog

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